So, I’m a big ol’ fan of Teen Mom. It’s my guilty I-know-I’m-too-old-and-way-out-of-MTV’s-demographic-but-I-don’t-care-because-I-love-it-so pleasure. I have my favorite girls, and my least favorite girls, favorite dads and least favorite dads. But, there’s nothing more amusing on the show then Farrah Abraham’s crying face. It appears in every episode of Teen Mom, sometimes out of nowhere. Sometimes I can see it coming a mile away, other times it blitzes itself into the show so fast I have to rewind my DVR to see exactly what caused it to rear it’s ugly head (pun intended!). Hell, it’s practically it’s own character on the show.

So I had to pay homage, after discussing the Crying Face with my friends for months now. I also realized that horrifically good crying faces are all around us, and so this blog was born.



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